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2011-11-21 11:07 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author

What to say? First, thank you!

As far as what I like, I'm pretty impartial. I like character development, a smidge of curtainfic, ladies and dudes being awesome, and many things more.

I generally avoid non-con, unless it is non-gratutious and moves the plot. D/s and heavy painplay are not my cup of tea.

Now, I do have a specific request, though--go wild. For me, Yuletide isn't just about getting my story, it's about a story for everyone in fandom to share. In that vein, please write the story that makes you happiest.

If you write the shmoopiest curtainfic that ever did make kissy faces at its schnookums, yes it did, I will love it. If you write the most horrible angst fest that involves more character deaths than Hamlet, I will love it. And, if you write the perfect story that you love best, I will love it too.

Go forth O Scribe of Winter Festivals! Be awesome!

* And if you still want to know what I like, have a pinboard for suggestions.